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On 1st October 2017 we published The Corona Book of Horror Stories, a collection of some of the best new horror writing, comprising sixteen short stories. Therein you will find the products of dark imaginations, certainly; and something to scare you, revolt you or unnerve you, probably - it depends on how jaded and degenerate a soul you are. What we can promise you is a wealth of new writing talent with a variety of different takes on what can constitute horror. There's the tale of the breakfast that is life-changing (and not in a good way), the story of the loner whose obsession in life is keeping parasites ... among many more dark delights to be found inside.


The Corona Book of Horror Stories also includes potted biographies of all its 16 writers and a list of author websites and Twitter accounts, to aid you, should the book lead you to the discovery of a new favourite author. We think it might.

1. The first story in the book is "Nizzy's Egg" by S.L. Powell 

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The stories (as announced at the rate of one a day during late-July 2017)

2. The second story in the book is "Ticks" by Lewis Williams, being in some ways an homage to James Herbert's Rats and Shaun Hutson's Slugs.


3. The third story in the book is "The Tale of Samuel and Gordon" by Keith Trezise, author of Frogmorton Culpepper Saves the World.

4. The fourth story in the book is "The Box" by Sue Eaton

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7. The seventh story in the book is "Doing Time" by Martin S. Beckley

5. The fifth story in the book is "It'll Rot Your Teeth" by Wondra Vanian

6. The sixth story in the book is "The Rose" by Suzan St Maur, author of Mischieverse forthcoming from Corona Books

16. The last story in the book is "Death by Appointment" by A.H. Sargeant, a prolific writer of short stories who rightly considers the short story an art-form to be cherished. We couldn't agree more.

8. The eighth story in the book is "Framed" by our own master of modern macabre, T.R. Hitchman author of Child of Winter

9. The ninth story in the book is "A Health and Safety Issue" by Rosemary Salter

10. The tenth story in the book is "Bad Boys Don't Get Dessert" by the mysterious William Quincy Belle

11. The eleventh story in the book is "The Castle of Lune" by our own Philip Onions, author of Whitefaced Woodland Sheep Society Flock Profiles

12. The twelfth story in the book is "The Angel's Kiss" by S.J. Menary 

13. The thirteenth story in the book is "Told You So" by Mark A. Smart, author of Don't Reply

14. The fourteenth story in the book is "The Ornament" by C.J. Riley, author of Silence Pushed

15. The fifteenth story in the book is "Baby's New Body" by Joanie Chevalier, author of Heads Will Roll

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