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Frogmorton Culpepper Saves the World

by Keith Trezise

292 pages ISBN 978-0-9932472-5-5

Frogmorton Culpepper didn’t wake up on the day he got fired expecting to save the world, not that week at least. He had to prove out his environmental technology experiments to his superiors first. The world had yet to provide any recognition of his genius. His mother had yet to provide any recognition of his ability to do anything. The girl of his dreams had yet to provide any recognition of his existence. Some, if not all, of that changes in Frogmorton Culpepper Saves the World, a work of the scientifically fictitious that if it doesn’t change your life forever, will at least make you smile (a lot) .... and if you want to know why there’s a picture of a cleverly-folder origami rhinoceros on the cover, all we can say is that you’ll have to read the book.


About the author


Keith Trezise lives in Warwickshire, England and amongst other things is a playwright and entertainer. His plays have been performed worldwide, with his one act play Duplex winning a Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain award. He has been a member of a number of bands and is currently performing with his one-man show as a guitarist and vocalist. Frogmorton Culpepper Saves the World is his first novel.

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By the way, we apologise for this for this outrageous bit of hyperbole on the cover. We rate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as highly as you do (and it's Frogmorton Culpepper's favourite book). We just wanted to get your attention.


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