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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - closed 31 May 2017

This autumn we will publish The Corona Book of Horror Stories, a collection of some of the best new horror writing, comprising between ten and twenty short stories.


We have a good number of the stories in place, but we are looking for one or two more to finish the collection, and can make room for more if they are great horror stories.


If you think you have written, or can write, a great horror story that you would like to see included in The Corona Book of Horror Stories, we would love to hear from you.


As we say elsewhere, we’re not that into rules here, so there’s not much to lay down here in terms of submission guidelines. There is room in the book for various different takes on what constitutes horror - we want the stories in the book to be varied. Your story can be supernatural or natural horror. It can be graphic or gory, or merely sinister or spooky. We’re obviously looking for short stories, but the book will include a mix of short short stories and long short stories! Let’s say we looking stories of anywhere at all between 1,000 and 10,000 words. We’ll consider submissions as we receive them, and will plan to leave this call open until the end of May 2017.


We are not asking for exclusivity or any other rights to your story other than to publish it in The Corona Book of Horror Stories. You will retain the copyright to your story and be free to publish it in any form at any time elsewhere. In return, unfortunately, what we can’t offer you is immediate riches. What we can offer you is a degree of kudos if we accept your story, some free author copies and a proportionate share of the net royalties on any sales over the first one thousand copies.            


We welcome submissions in English from any country.


Please submit stories to with pdf or Word attachments only.


We look forward to hearing from you.

A little bit more about The Corona Book of Horror Stories, just to tease you ....

Amongst other great contributions, The Corona Book of Horror Stories will include a brand new story from our own master of modern macabre T.R. Hitchman. It will also include stories from other Corona authors (published and to be published by us) whose work isn’t normally horror, but who have risen to the occasion excellently and contributed some very strong and interesting stories in the genre.


The cover design for the book is currently in development, and we will unveil the cover art on this site as soon as it is finalised.    

The call for submissions for The Corona Book of Horror Stories is now closed - the information below is preserved here pro tem for reference only.


We received a fantastic response to this call and have been blown away by the quality of the stories we received. The very final selections are now being made, and the book promises to be a truly great anthology. We’d like to thank everyone who submitted stories for The Corona Book of Horror Stories, whether or not their selections are chosen to make the final cut. The overall standard of submissions was very high - there’s a lot of writing talent out there!


Stay tuned for the unveiling of the cover art for The Corona Book of Horror Stories, or sign up for our free email updates.