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The Corona Book of Horror Stories also includes potted biographies of all its 16 writers and a list of author websites and Twitter accounts, to aid you, should the book lead you to the discovery of a new favourite author. We think it might.

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new adventures

in horror writing

short stories celebrating

the best in new horror

dark tales from the best horror

writers you've never heard of

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Featured title - The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories

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The Third

Corona Book of


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Child of Winter

Ten dark and twisted tales

by T. R. Hitchman

154 pages ISBN 978-0-9932472-3-1

An old woman harbours a painful secret and meets a troubled man with a dark secret of his own; a narcissistic journalist learns that the camera can tell the truth in more ways than one; and a man makes the worst mistake he ever made in his life in discovering that sometimes you shouldn’t talk to strangers ... Ten stories of love, loss and disappointment with a dark twist that are the product of the imagination of writer, T.R. Hitchman, the new master of modern macabre.

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The Third Corona Book of Horror Stories

The best in new horror short stories

edited by Lewis Williams

tba pages ISBN 978-1-9996579-4-9


The original Corona Book of Horror Stories is a collection of some of the best new horror writing from the best new writers. Therein you will find the products of dark imaginations, certainly; and something to scare you, revolt you or unnerve you, probably - it depends on how jaded and degenerate a soul you are. There's the tale of the breakfast that is life-changing (and not in a good way), the story of the loner whose obsession in life is keeping parasites ... among many more dark delights to be found inside.

The Corona Book of Horror Stories

edited by Lewis Williams

236 pages ISBN 978-0-9932472-6-2

Watch this space for more details and a cover reveal coming soon ...


... and if you think you've got what it takes to be a part of the book, we'd love to receive your short story submission before the deadline. You'll find full details here

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edited by Lewis Williams

214 pages ISBN 978-1-9996579-2-5

We’ve put our hearts and souls into The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories and, it’s safe to say, the contributing authors have put their blackest hearts and darkest souls into their stories. From childhood to old age  to death ... and beyond, different voices, different perspectives, old horrors in new lights and new horrors for your delight. The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories has it all. 17 stories selected following a worldwide call for submissions that celebrate the very best in new horror writing.

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