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Mischieverse - Rude humour that laughs at life's irritations

by Suzan St Maur

142 pages ISBN 978-0-9932472-8-6

We're hugely pleased to be able to welcome Suzan St Maur on board for this title. She is both the author of the genuinely bestselling Horse Lover’s Joke Book and a highly-acclaimed business-writing guru. Mischieverse isn’t about horses (or business), though. It’s about the annoyances and absurdities of life today - the things that drive us all crazy, and how to laugh at them. It’s a great gift title for friends and family (especially those who like to use the occasional naughty word!)


Its title pages are illustrated with new drawings by the brilliant Nina Taylor, and the book is going down a storm with those who have already seen it:

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About the author


(One of Nina Taylor's title page illustrations from Mischieverse)

“Rude, irreverent and downright filthy ... like Johnny Rotten meets Pam Ayres”

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Julia Lewis, Actor (Their Finest) 

“Snarky, quirky, downright rude, [Suzan St Maur] skewers pop culture: its language, fashion, politics, entertainment. Not even family and cherished holidays escape her cutting wit. Through it all, she manages to make us laugh at ourselves and the silliness of contemporary life.”

Barbara Grengs, Author of the Toby Martin series of children’s mystery novels and Delicate Dames (forthcoming)


Sarah Setterfield, Inspirato




Need more persuading? Visit Suzan St Maur's website here and follow the links to read selections from Mischieverse for FREE right now.

Canadian-born, UK-based Suzan St Maur is a bestselling non-fiction author, international business writer, and founder of the award-winning website resource She also works extensively in the third sector, amongst other things, contributing to charities in cancer survivorship. In addition, she writes joke books, and Mischieverse is the latest outlet for her wit, as well as being an excellent way to let off steam.



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