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Later this year we will publish The Corona Book of Science Fiction, to be a collection of the best in new science fiction writing comprising between ten and twenty short stories.


If you think you have written, or can write, a great science fiction story that you would like to see included in The Corona Book of Science Fiction, we would love to hear from you. We want this collection to include only brilliant modern science fiction stories and to surpass in terms of quality the high standards we set ourselves with last year's The Corona Book of Horror Stories.


As we say elsewhere, we’re not that into rules here, so we've endeavoured to keep the submission guidelines as simple and as few as possible:

We are looking for the best in new science fiction stories.

Submissions in English are welcome from any country.

We are not asking for exclusivity or any other rights to your story other than to publish it in The Corona Book of Science Fiction. You will retain the copyright to your story and be free to publish it in any form at any time elsewhere. In return, unfortunately, what we can’t offer you is immediate riches. What we can offer you is a degree of kudos if we accept your story, some free author copies and a proportionate share of the net royalties on any sales over the first one thousand copies.  


Like The Corona Book of Horror Stories (, The Corona Book of Science Fiction will include no more than one story by any one author but will include potted biographies of all its writers and a list of author websites and Twitter accounts to aid readers wanting to find out more about you and your writing.


Think you have a brilliant science fiction short story? - We'd love to hear from you.  


Please submit stories to with Word or pdf attachments only, and to arrive by Monday 12th March 2018.    

No fan fiction please, but otherwise there are no restrictions in terms of SF sub-genres - we want the book to embody variety and be a "selection box" of science fiction.

Stories should be between a minimum of 1,000 words and a maximum of 8,000 words - there will be room for both short short stories and long short stories.

We'd also like you to include a few words about yourself with your submission, giving us a very brief bio, covering other writing you've done and letting us know about your social media presence and willingness to help promote The Corona Book of Science Fiction if your story is included.

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The call for submissions for The Corona Book of Science Fiction is now closed. The information below is temporarily retained here for reference only.