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Whitefaced Woodland Sheep Society Flock Profiles

Profiles of the flocks of fourteen of the best-known breeders of this rare and historic breed of sheep


by Philip Onions

92 pages large format paperback ISBN 978-0-9932472-7-9

The Whitefaced Woodland is one of the larger and more distinctive hill breeds of sheep, characterised by their horns - which are heavily spiralled in rams, the quality of their wool and meat, and - as the name of the breed would suggest - their white legs and faces. It is a historic breed, and one classified by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as being a rare breed.


The Whitefaced Woodland Sheep Society exists to preserve and promote the breed, by amongst other things keeping breeders in touch with one another and maintaining a register of pure bred sheep. Some sixteen years ago, the society began a project of compiling flock profiles - interviewing breeders and photographing their flocks - with the aims of sharing information and promoting the rare and ancient breed.


Those flock profiles are collected here together for the first time, and bring together a wealth of information (and opinion), engagingly presented and illustrated with colour photographs throughout - which will be of interest not only to Whitefaced Woodland breeders, but anyone with an interest in livestock or rare breeds


About the author


Philip Onions is a first-generation farmer, who began his farming career back in 1986 with no experience and a mortgage on a tiny piece of land which everyone thought he had overpaid for. Against the odds, he made a success of it. Building a house along the way, he and his family now farm two hundred acres and have three hundred sheep and fifty cows. He has been an active member of the Whitefaced Woodland Sheep Society for many years and served for three years as its Vice Chairman. He lives and farms at Keer Falls near Burton in Kendal with his wife Heather and their two children James and Katie.


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