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In response to our worldwide call, we received a total of over 800 horror short story submissions - adding up to a staggering total of over three million words. But we read them all, selecting only the best of the best stories to include in this book.


That is why when we say this book is something special, we mean it - and that when we say it contains the best in new horror short stories, that is no hyperbole.


We promise you our best horror anthology yet, even surpassing the high standards we set ourselves with The Corona Book of Horror Stories and last year's The Second Book of Corona Horror Stories.

Corona Books UK is a (still) fledgling publishing company based here in the UK. We aim to publish the brilliant, the innovative and the quirky, and can move with a speed and alacrity which bigger beasts in the publishing world simply wouldn't dream of. We are the publishers of The Great British Limerick Book - Filthy limericks for (nearly) every town in the UK by Lewis Williams (as featured in the Daily Star see here) and now increasingly making a name for ourselves publishing science fiction and horror anthologies with the best in new short stories. Follow us on Twitter where you'll find us tweeting daily(ish) and join our growing band of followers. (There's now 10,000+ of you!)

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Also coming 1st October 2019, we're bringing you the best in 21st century ghost stories.


There have been plenty of books with old ghost stories from writers no longer with us, but with The Corona Book of Ghost Stories we're bringing you something different - the best in new ghost stories, each one newly written for and set in the 21st century.


With its 16 stories from the most talented new writers, it's a must read not only for fans of horror but anyone who loves a good ghost story.

Ghost Stories Corona Book of The


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