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The Woman Who Was Not His Wife
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Frogmorton Culpepper Saves the World

by Keith Trezise

292 pages ISBN 978-0-9932472-5-5

Frogmorton Culpepper didn’t wake up on the day he got fired expecting to save the world, not that week at least. He had to prove out his environmental technology experiments to his superiors first. The world had yet to provide any recognition of his genius. His mother had yet to provide any recognition of his ability to do anything. The girl of his dreams had yet to provide any recognition of his existence. Some, if not all, of that changes in Frogmorton Culpepper Saves the World, a work of the scientifically fictitious that if it doesn’t change your life forever, will at least make you smile (a lot) .... and if you want to know why there’s a picture of a cleverly-folder origami rhinoceros on the cover, all we can say is that you’ll have to read the book.






The Woman Who Was Not His Wife

by Sue Eaton

310 pages ISBN 978-0-9932472-2-4

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edited by Max Bantleman

256 pages ISBN 978-1-9996579-1-8

You hear of people going missing all the time. They just seem to vanish from the world. You wonder if someone has killed them. You wonder where they are.”

Brangwen Roberts is one such person. One minute she is playing with her baby daughter in the garden of her home; the next she finds herself in an alien world. But it is not the world of an advanced and enlightened alien race. Technologically advanced alien slave traders have simply sold her on to a planet where the technology and attitudes are more akin to those of Earth’s Middle Ages. At first utterly alone, Brangwen needs to summon all her courage and strength of character to survive in a world where greed and intolerance thrive unchecked. Then there’s the man who may or may not want her for all the wrong reasons, a journey across strange lands, her only friends a pair of semi-android fellow slaves ... and yet, through it all, the different world she finds herself in is in some ways all too familiar to our own.

Sue Eaton’s debut novel is not just great storytelling in science fiction but a stunningly original and engaging book that creates a world that will make you think about your own


A sampler of the work of the best new writers of science fiction out there? A sci-fi selection box with a mix of hard (science) and soft (science) centres covering the spectrum of sub-genres? A brilliant anthology you’ll find hard to put down? A must read for every sci-fi fan?


All these things? We like to think so, and certainly with The Corona Book of Science Fiction we’ve tried to create something special – a multi-author sci-fi collection where each contribution embodies both great imagination and great storytelling, and which collectively covers a mix of themes from the fantastic to the topical, from AI to Z, all topped off with a last story so touching it has been proved to reduce grown men to tears.

The Corona Book of Science Fiction also includes potted biographies of all its 16 writers and a list of author website and Twitter accounts to aid you should this book lead you to the discovery of a new favourite author. We think it might.

The best in new sci-fi short stories

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