One of the things we set out to do with Corona Books - as well as publishing the brilliant, the innovative and the quirky, regardless of genre - was to have a nice open submissions policy without any of the closed doors or over-officious rules you will so easily find elsewhere.


Unfortunately, though, whilst 2020 started brilliantly for us with our horror, ghost and sci-fi anthologies going from strength to strength and our books being stocked by Waterstones, the UK’s largest bookstore chain, we soon found ourselves wishing we’d chosen a different name for ourselves back in 2015 other than Corona.


Of course, we weren’t to know that coronavirus would come along, and sharing our name with the thing that has ruined 2020 for most of humanity meant that we reluctantly had to come to the decision to place a hold on the new titles we would otherwise have published in 2020, including The Fourth Corona Book of Horror Stories and The Second Corona Book of Science Fiction.  


We must stress we are still trading and all our existing titles are still available (and highly recommended, although we do say so ourselves) but for the time being the situation is such that it doesn’t make sense for us to be open to submissions – so, very reluctantly we’re sorry to say we are not presently accepting submissions, but please watch this space for future updates.


It is, however, still possible to benefit from the editing, design and publishing talent that has gone into Corona Books through our sister company Cavalcade Books offering author-funded publishing services and whose website can be found here.  


Submissions - updated 31st December 2020

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