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authors and stories

phillip drake

"Mr Cruel" by Phillip Drake

"Back to the Soil" by Tina Grehm

tina grehm

"In My Day..." by Wondra Vanian

wondra vanian

"The Night of the Patriarch" by Simon Lee-Price

Simon Lee-Price
Nico Bell

"Lena's Ghost" by Nico Bell

"Domestic Disturbance" by Horace Torys

Horace Torys

"Black Flowers" by Philip Charter

Philip charter

"The Vow" by Dänna Wilberg

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"Bones" by T.R. Hitchman


Something evil unearthed Corona Books' own master of modern macabre

Parents aren't always as they seem this former-Virgin-Books-editor-turned-writer

Wondra was born on Halloween. She was born to do this! ...a tale of human and supernatural violence

The art of dying this hugely talented and "probably possessed" HWA member

Ghosts in New York? this reviewer and award-winning writer

"Masterpiece" by Ian Gough

ian gough

"The Toy Shop" by Sue Eaton


"Upside Down" by Suzan St Maur


"Kisses, Suzi" by Joanie Chevalier


"The Monster" by William Quincy Belle


"A Dark Reflection" by Mark A. Smart


"Drum Lessons" by Mary Camarillo

"The Sacrifice" by A. H. Sargeant


A child's drawing is possessed of something beyond ink the author of Dark Window and To Be a Saint

Killer couples? a master of the micro-horror-story

Fear and loathing in Truro, England the writer, English teacher and founder of the Tall Travels website

A vampiric visitation in 1930s San Francisco the multi-award-winning short-film maker, TV host and author

The artist can put too much into his work...literally the real-life alter ego of Lotan Brown

Something repulsive in retail the author of The Woman Who Was Not His Wife

The bestselling non-fiction author brilliantly turns her hand to a macabre tale of a long-held grudge

A satnav (GPS) with a mind of its own the acclaimed writer, editor, indie author champion and co-founder of The RAC Magazine

Not what a burglar expects to find the ever-mysterious Mr Belle, who we also featured in The (First) Corona Book of Horror Stories  

A serious and seriously disturbing contribution by this Californian writer. (One of our selection panel said of this story, "I wish I could write like this.")

A tale of supernatural stalking the author of Don't Reply 

A short, sharp shock to end on... by the former copywriter and pilot and now short story writer extraodinaire

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The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories was always intended to have 16 stories like the first book, but we couldn't bear not to include any one of the following 17 brilliantly chilling tales.