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Here at Corona Books we aim to publish the brilliant, the innovative and the quirky, regardless of genre. If you think you have a book project that would tick at least two of those boxes (with the first on the list being an essential requirement), we'd be happy to hear from you. We're not really that into rules here, so there are no submission guidlines as such for you to follow. Send us what you think might convince us - obviously we'd like to know why you think the project is brilliant and/or innovative and/or quirky and otherwise why it might sell, see a sample of your work and know what stage the project is at. It's also worth saying that we're as interested in non-fiction and humour as we are fiction (although we're not that keen on fiction involving dragons).

It's also worth injecting a serious note of realism here. We are a very small company with our resources more or less fully committed to the first few titles we intend to publish. It is a possibility we may wish to take you on in the traditional manner of a publisher, but we are also looking for authors who would be willing to work with us as partners, sharing the risk and investment in their book project. However, just as we are not traditional publishers, we are not self-publishers either. To work with you we need to be convinced your project has the potential to result in a brilliant book. We're only ever going to publish books we think are brilliant. We have our reputations to consider.


Please write to us by email to with pdf or Word attachments only please.


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