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Featured title - The Corona Book of Science Fiction


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edited by Max Bantleman

256 pages ISBN 978-1-9996579-1-8

The best in new sci-fi short stories

A sampler of the work of the best new writers of science fiction out there? A sci-fi selection box with a mix of hard (science) and soft (science) centres covering the spectrum of sub-genres? A brilliant anthology you’ll find hard to put down? A must read for every sci-fi fan?


All these things? We like to think so, and certainly with The Corona Book of Science Fiction we’ve tried to create something special – a multi-author sci-fi collection where each contribution embodies both great imagination and great storytelling, and which collectively covers a mix of themes from the fantastic to the topical, from AI to Z, all topped off with a last story so touching it has been proved to reduce grown men to tears.


Kindle edition £1.99 (or equivalent in other currencies)

Paperback RRP £8.99

Also available

The Woman Who Was Not His Wife
FC Cover v2017.5-1

Two very different sci-fi novels, both brilliant in their own way.


Frogmorton Culpepper Saves the World by Keith Trezise is sci-fi humour in the great tradition of Hitchthiker's Guide to the Galaxy or Red Dwarf. Sue Eaton's The Woman Who Was Not His Wife combines sci-fi with elements of fantasy and horror in a thought-provoking journey to another world where the technology and attitudes are more akin to those of Earth’s Middle Ages. 


If you're looking to discover a great new sci-fi read, click on either of the book's covers. Kindle editions are just £1.99 each (or equivalent in your currency). 

If you have any difficulties at all obtaining any of the above titles, please don't hesitate to email us

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